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We value your personality as much as we value  your work experience.


We work with you by providing a cost-effective, first-class service to ensure departments can continue to function normally.

Mary Seacole, our role model

We aim to meet the needs for the growing demand of services required in the health industry and to create jobs in our local and surrounding community by catering for both temporary, contracts and permanent personnel.


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D&S Training and Recruitment Ltd, nursing agency is one of London fast-growing nursing agency, provider of highly competent specialist nurses and care services.

Healthcare is one of the most important needs of man because without good health, every other achievement is useless. We have a strong passion in customer service and welcome the opportunity to help healthcare organizations in the public and private sectors meeting their staff vacancies, temporary and permanent, to preserve the smooth operation of shifts and care to patients.

Headed by its founder, a registered nurse with more than 10 years experience, the agency started five years ago with the desire to use their extensive experience in the UK healthcare (private and public) sector to primarily meet the growing demand of qualified nurses and healthcare assistants in the fast dismal shortage, secondly to create jobs in our local and surrounding community and thirdly to respond to the new way health professionals want to work: i.e. freedom to choose their schedules - an advantage for those with small children or those in school seeking higher education in nursing, bring in extra cash or choose their employer.

D&S Training and Recruitment Ltd, nursing agency is committed to the values of the NHS Constitution for England that sets out the rights that patients, the public and staff are entitled to, and the pledges that the NHS is committed to achieving.

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