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We aim to meet the needs for the growing demand of services required in the health industry and to create jobs in our local and surrounding community by catering for both temporary, contracts and permanent personnel.


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NHS staff offered 6.5% pay rise over three years if they forfeit day's holiday

March 9th 2018

The government is set to offer around 1 million NHS staff a 6.5% pay rise over the next three years but is insisting that health workers give up a day’s holiday in return for the Read more

Communication 4: the influence of appearance and environment

February 12th 2018

This article, the fourth in a six-part series on communication skills, discusses unintentional communication produced by factors such as our appearance and environment Read more

Why is the NHS under so much pressure this winter?

January 5th 2018

The NHS is facing the most intense strain on resources in decades as a result of flu, bad weather and an increase in patients suffering from breathing problems. Read more 

Vital signs technology saves nurses thousands of hours

November 16th 2017

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust links vital signs monitors directly with electronic patient record to help improve nurses’ working lives Read more

Nurses stretched to 'breaking point' over pay, finds RCN survey

November 15th 2017

Many nurses have struggled to pay bills, missed rent or mortgage payments and say they cannot sleep at night due to money worries, reveals a major surveys by the Royal College Read more

What do people say before they die?

November 11th 2017

When you work with people who are dying, what do they tell you? We found out from a team of Macmillan palliative care nurses from Royal Stoke University Hospital? Read more

Increasing number of nurses and midwives leaving profession ‘highlights major challenges faced by health and care sectors

November 02th 2017

New figures show a continuation of previous trends.

In July, we published data which showed that for the first time there were more nurses and midwives  Read more

NHS nurses fear quality of care is suffering

October 2nd 2017

A recent survey, published in a new RCN report, revealed 30,000 nurses are too busy to relieve patient’s pain or give them their medication on time, due to mounting pressures  Read more

One in six care homes for elderly at risk of failure as sector is 'pushed to brink', research shows

August 13th 2017

One in six care homes in the UK are showing signs they are at risk of failure, new research has revealed amid complaints about a lack of Government funding  Read more

Where have all the nurses gone? NMC survey reveals an accelerating attrition of nurses and midwives

July 3rd 2017

It seems sadly ironic that a week after Lord Crisp announced plans for a worldwide campaign to promote the value of nursing in global health and development Read more

UK social care sector in crisis due to staff shortages

March 8th 2017

A lack of qualified people is hitting many public services hard – and the majority of employees are women. Why do so many want to leave? Read more

7 Ingredients for caring for the sick

November 28th 2016

The Christian approach to pain, suffering, and sickness is compassion, mercy, tenderness, and caring. Matthew records, When He saw the crowds Read more

The first time: surviving the night shift

August 31st 2011

Sudden changes to your sleep patterns can be tough on your body and mind. Follow these tips to help ease the transitions. Your first time working the night Read more

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